Are your business tools integrated?

Has business technology liberated us or made data monkeys of us all? How can your toolkit, and the approach you use as a group, help to solve some of the problems you encounter with the tech that’s meant to help you?

In our latest blog post, GetBusy CIO Jason Ross, will take you through his thoughts.

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How to take control

U OK hun?

No. Not really. Everything is not okay. But the worst thing is, everyone else seems to be okay about it.

Feel familiar?

There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. Everyone else has a different idea about what should take priority and why. We’re stumbling when we should be making progress. And on top of everything, we’re in the middle of a #globalpandemic

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I used to judge your emojis

3 years ago, if you’d used an emoji in a work e-mail I would have judged you.

I was wrong. Sorry.

First we need to wind back a bit. I spent almost 10 years in a big 4 accounting firm. The way we communicated in writing to clients, and often internally, was tightly scripted. I’d estimate that 75% of the content of reports I sent out the door was impenetrable corporate claptrap; a lot of that was boilerplate nonsense but some of it would have been carefully crafted to make me sound a lot more insightful and intelligent than I really was. Big words, overly formal – all contrived to provide a hollow impression of sophistication.

In this world, emojis had no place. They smacked of immaturity and unprofessionalism. They let me know that you simply didn’t get it.

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Coronavirus will transform the way you do business

Our very own GetBusy CFO spent 3 days touring investors and banks in the City of London. Without exception, in every meeting the conversation turned at some point to coronavirus.

He soon realised that some of the world’s most sophisticated banks, investors and businesses seem to be on the back foot when it come to ensuring their people can work remotely.

You would think preparations were being made to land on the moon.

It shouldn’t be so. And if it is, then this is an opportunity to set your systems straight. The benefits of enabling your teams to work from anywhere are enormous.

Your business will become a lot more productive, a lot more resilient and a lot more attractive to talent.

In this day and age, not being able to work remotely is out of the question.

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