The 4 Most Popular GetBusy Features among NetSuite Users

Online, cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular as a way to address the new challenges faced, manage teams, communicate seamlessly and share documents securely. And one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions is NetSuite.

NetSuite is packed with essential business features, and one of its main advantages is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other technology partners to expand its own functionality. These ‘SuiteApps’ include GetBusy

GetBusy adds an extra dimension to the usability of Netsuite’s features and allows users to tailor the ERP to the specific, and often unique, needs of their business. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to solve numerous business challenges, but there are a few features that have cemented themselves as firm favourites among GetBusy users. 

In this blog, we’re going to dig into these features, and help you understand why they’re so popular, and how they can enhance the NetSuite experience.

What exactly is GetBusy?

Let’s quickly cover what GetBusy is so that you fully understand exactly how it works, and how some of the features might be able to enhance your NetSuite experience. 

GetBusy is a productivity and communication tool that provides document storage, eSignatures, communication and task management in one, intuitive software system. It’s designed specifically for business use. 

It brings order, organisation and prioritisation to workflows with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

GetBusy integrates seamlessly with NetSuite, which helps solve some of the challenges surrounding gaining real-time access to data. 

Ultimately, GetBusy supports your relationships with customers, vendors and teammates.

So, now that you have a better understanding of what GetBusy is, let’s get into some of its most-loved features.

The most popular GetBusy features

There are many features of GetBusy that make it the perfect solution for businesses of any size – especially as the demand for managing remote teams and clients increases. 

However (if we had to choose) there are four features that consistently rank highly as our customer’s favourites: 

  1. Message Reminders: 'Unseen' and 'Dusty'
  2. Document storage and organisation
  3. Team tasks for customers
  4. E-signature collaboration

Let’s look into these in a little more detail so that you can get a better understanding of just how much GetBusy can simplify and improve your business workflow. 

1. Message reminders: 'unseen' and 'dusty'...

With a million and one things going on in your business every day, it can be easy to forget to respond to or follow up on a message or task. 

One of the primary functions of GetBusy is as a communication tool, so it’s important that it has the functionality to ensure that all tasks and messages are dealt with promptly. 

The ‘unseen’ and ‘dusty’ status reminders are an enhanced form of a read receipt. Not only do they give you an accurate, real-time status on whether a message or task has been seen, they also give you, or anyone else in the thread, a friendly reminder to take action on the task. 

In the everyday world, this might not qualify as a groundbreaking feature, however, it’s uncommon for business platforms to provide this kind of visibility on task or message status’. 

This feature provides users with complete clarity on the status of a message, task, or signature and allows you to escalate them if they’ve been dormant for too long. 

The unseen and dusty features are critical when it comes to completing tasks and improving overall business productivity. 

2. Document storage and organisation

NetSuite has its own native drag and drop document storage system. It allows you to add reference documents to any record and control access to these documents among team members.

So, how is this document system enhanced by using GetBusy?

It’s common that uploaded documents need to be shared outside of an organisation, whether that is for approval, eSignature, or just for reference. 

This is where GetBusy shows extreme ingenuity. You can simply create a task directly from the document and add the customer contact into the task. 

GetBusy will automatically link uploaded documents to the corresponding relationship and grant access to all contacts involved in the task.

Another major benefit of using GetBusy for document storage and organisation is its unlimited storage space. You can easily send large files (up to 200mb) and can have full version control over it. 

GetBusy’s document storage and organisation is a firm favourite with NetSuite users who already have its own native storage capability.

It's a secure, simple, user-friendly and automated document management system that makes sharing among teams and clients simple. 

Find out more about GetBusy’s document storage and organisation capabilities here

3. Team tasks for customers 

It’s not uncommon for teams to have access problems to documents, files and communications when a team member goes off sick or on holiday.

It’s frustrating and slows the progress and communication with the client. 

GetBusy solves this problem with its task management system, which provides a comprehensive and complete overview of each customer.

The Team View allows you to easily flick through contacts or relationships on GetBusy and see everything that is going on in your GetBusy team in relation to that customer. 

This eliminates the need for shared mailboxes and accessing information when a member of staff is unavailable. 

It gives easy access and a complete overview of everything you need to know. 

Find out more about GetBusy’s team tasks here

4. eSignature collaboration

Obtaining an eSignature isn’t revolutionary. In fact, for most businesses, it is already a crucial component of their process (and if not yet, it will be soon).

GetBusy has an eSignature functionality that allows you to get documents signed up to 75% quicker. 

What is innovative about the GetBusy design is that eSignatures are created as a task, meaning that all the conversations with customers or vendors around contracts being signed are in one place. 

If, after sending it hasn’t been viewed or signed, the unseen and dusty message notifications will send an automatic reminder. 

There is no need for clunky, and confusing email threads. At a glance, everyone can see what is happening with the signature task

Find out more about GetBusy’s eSignatures functionality here

Are you ready to learn more about how GetBusy works with Netsuite?

These are just some of the features that NetSuite customers love about GetBusy.

GetBusy streamlines your productivity, communication and storage while integrating perfectly with NetSuite. And with the focus firmly on remote and home working, it’s software that can adapt quickly to suit your business needs. 

If the functionality and features mentioned have piqued your interest, you can schedule a demo with one of our dedicated NetSuite team.

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The 4 Most Popular GetBusy Features among NetSuite Users

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