7 Tips To Maximise GetBusy & Increase Productivity

Learn how you and your team can organise yours tasks and set up faster, easier workflows in GetBusy. Your team will achieve their true potential with some of these handy tips.

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Here's 7 tips on how to get the most our of GetBusy:

1. Set better expectations

Ever 3 days GetBusy will keep reminding you to do a task unless you hit Pause. This is to help you get in the habit of pausing tasks for the date you can actually get to them.

Everyone involved with the task will  know when you're actually going to do something, when you use Pause, setting better expectations.

You can now forget all about the task yourself until GetBusy reminds you to do it at your chosen paused date.

You can't do everything at once. Use Pause to give you that much needed space. And dump your brain into GetBusy for cognitive relief.

It takes a while to start any habit, but using Pause would be one of the best improvements you made this year, with so many benefits for you and your whole team.

2. Prioritise your day

Your GetBusy to-do list should ideally focus on what you need to do over the current day. And it should be ordered in the priority so you can work your way down.

The science of productivity has shown this is the best way for anyone to tackle their day.

Simply drag your to-do’s up or down your list to re-order what you need to do, and pause anything you can't fit into today. GetBusy will then automatically add them to your list for the next day.

3. Spin-off multiple tasks from the original

Need to do something off the back of a comment or thought of a new idea during a conversation?

On the dropdown arrow next to any comment in your task, choose 'Make a new to-do' so you can keep track of that too.

That way work doesn't get confused with multiple topics on top of one another in the same task.

Whenever the conversation branches, simply create a new task to handle that separately.

4. Automate and streamline repetitive work

GetBusy lets you save any task as a template, to save you from creating the same task from scratch every time.

This is a significant time-saver, helping you avoid the drudgery of any repetitive tasks you find yourself doing over and over.

You can also schedule the task to repeat - say weekly, monthly - whatever is convenient.

And best of all you can share tasks you create with your whole team. That means everyone can benefit from the task templates you create. Onboarding is easier, nobody needs to re-invent the wheel individually, the whole team stays significantly more complaint - and accuracy and speed improves!

5. What’s next?

Stay ahead of looming deadlines by using the 'Upcoming' filters in your 'Assigned to me' and 'Smart Views'

See in a glance what’s coming up, what’s needed now, and what’s overdue.

6. Turn emails into tasks

Instantly turn any email into a GetBusy task in one click with the Outlook add-in.

The title, body copy and all attachments will copy across. Now you can assign it to whoever you'd like as a task. A much clearer and more accountable way of working so nothing is missed, ever.

There are 1,000's of integrations you could be using with GetBusy. It adds a sophisticated task 'layer' to almost every app you already use.

We highly recommend booking in a personal integration consultation to look at your existing apps and recommend integrations.

7. Send tasks to clients

You shouldn’t use GetBusy alone. Unlock the true power by inviting other people to work on a task together.

Connections outside of your team don’t need to download or sign up to GetBusy to see the task and respond!

GetBusy is unique in that you can work with anyone in the world with all the advantages of our task management system -all you need is their email -and they don't have to sign up to GetBusy themselves!

Organise your clients, vendors. Request files you need (for example if you are an auditor, or closing off the companies finances at the end of the month).

With GetBusy now you have the power of tasks, of automatically having things chased up, of job accountability and tracking all your work to closure.

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The best way to understand GetBusy of course is over a short demo, or on one of our weekly demo webinars.

Each team in GetBusy also gets a dedicated customer success manager so help and training is never far away.

We're confident we can help your team better organise, and get more done, with small clear tasks.

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