Wake up, time to get busy

We're alive! Time to roll up our sleeves and make it happen

Welcome to our new company: GetBusy (which has just listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market). And hold on to your britches because we're about to crank it up to 11.

We're not starting with green-ears here: our team has created two software 'masterpieces' already in the document management space: Virtual Cabinet (for larger businesses) and SmartVault (for smaller businesses).

Now, deep in the heart of GetBusy - in some windowless office cubical - the Wizards behind the curtain are crafting a brand-new product as we speak that we're all nearly mad with excitement about.

Sign up for our upcoming limited-access GetBusy Beta to be one of the first to see it, plus win some great free prizes (slick T-Shirts, Lifetime Subscriptions, Keep Cups, Fidget Spinners, Skateboards #OnTrend).

Let's be cheeky and kick things off with a head-nod to Apple:

Here’s to the busy ones 

The ones who inspire, lead - and sweat!
The visionaries. The operators. The underdogs.
You can't beat them, because they won’t stay down.
The tossers and turners. The napkin-scrawlers.
Entrepreneurs, Builders, Accountants and working mums,
They are the busy ones. The ones who get things done.

Sign up to this blog by subscribing to our early beta list. We'll be telling all: the juicy gossip, the giddy euphoria, the late night tears. It's all part of running a business.

And we'll only email you if we think it's worth your precious time. Pinky promise.

We're excited. And looking forward to getting to know you all!


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