Chapter 4
Chapter 4: how to work towards objectives
Chapter 4: how to work towards objectives

he principles of agility help to bring workplace culture into alignment with business and customer needs. But even if your business or team hasn’t directly focused on developing an agile culture, it’s still likely that it has become an inherent foundation of best practice. Consider the following buzzwords and phrases:

  • Adaptable
  • Always on
  • Iterative
  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • Proactive
  • Opportunistic
  • In the moment

Each of these describes an aspect of agility, and no business or team wants to say that they are not adaptable, responsive, proactive, and so on. But these qualities can’t be achieved if the task in hand appears insurmountable. When goals are too far off and too large, teams lose motivation.

Instead, approach jobs and projects in a mode of continuous development, where targets are met regularly and with confidence.

  1. Set objectives so that they can be reached at regular intervals
  2. Accommodate change throughout the process – don’t fear requests for new requirements or adaptations
  3. Consider working in sprints. Deliver then iterate, rather than delaying delivery until you achieve perfection
  4. Encourage collaboration between key stakeholders throughout the project 
  5. Keep communications channels open to build support, trust, and motivation
  6. Build consistency by establishing workflows that are maintainable and repeatable
  7. Aim for simplicity and focus on getting the right job done for now
  8. Promote self-organization, and allow individuals to be accountable and take ownership of tasks
  9. Create regular space and time for reflection, and opportunities to consider improvements