Chapter 5
Innovate and evolve to be effective
Innovate and evolve to be effective
Businesses of all shapes and sizes are having to pivot.

For some, it involves a wholesale overhaul of their business proposition or, at the very least, a repositioning of the services they offer. For all, the priority is to react, rebound and adapt quickly to changed circumstances to retain customers and maintain their reputation. 

What is certain is that this is not the end of the story of how the COVID-19 global crisis changed the way we work – it’s only the beginning.

The question for you and your team, therefore, isn’t just about how you can best achieve your goals today, under conditions that might still seem novel. It’s also about how you can learn from today so that you can stay relevant and resilient, productive and effective, in a world that won’t ever quite return to the way it was. What do your new best-practice guidelines for team working look like?

  • How should team members discuss and collaborate on projects?
  • How much time should be spent responding to message requests?
  • In what situations should a message be labeled urgent?
  • How do you resolve breakdowns in communication?
  • How should meetings or conference calls be scheduled?
  • How will accountability for the completion of tasks be assigned?

You may not be able to answer all these questions at this moment. But you will need to – and soon. That means discovering more about leveraging the power of collaboration, and discovering the best tools and processes to help you communicate with each other.

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