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GetBusy keeps your precious data secure, avoiding lawsuits and fines, while helping you comply with legislation like GDPR.

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Get Data Security
Protect your business from lawsuits and fines. Comply with laws such as GDPR.
Get Client Security
Store and send your clients’ highly sensitive data with confidence.
Get Team Security
Prevent missing files, allow secure staff handovers, control your data.
Get Cloud Transfers
Transfer large files with secure 'magic' links that won't fill up inboxes.
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Protect Your Business From Lawsuits & Fines.
Your Email Is Not Secure
Email is no longer an acceptable way of transferring sensitive information online.
Protect Your Business
Avoid lawsuits and fines, and comply with privacy laws such as GDPR.
Visibility & Control
Complete audit trails and permissions so you know who has seen your data.
Cloud Data Safety
GetBusy is GDPR & ISO 27001 compliant. All data is hosted on the world-class AWS.
Send Highly-Sensitive Files To Your Clients.
Send Sensitive Client Files
If you don't handle client data correctly you could be liable. Safeguard yourself.
Official Record Of Dealings
Make sure you have a clear record of all correspondence to avoid disputes.
Defined Group Messaging
Avoid sending messages to the wrong person, or forgetting anyone.
Your Own Client Portal
The more security-savvy will be wondering if GetBusy is a client portal? Yes, yes it is!
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Make Sure Your Team Handles Data Securely.
Don't Lose Important Files
All incoming and outgoing files are filed and archived for future reference.
Safe Handovers
If a staff member goes on leave or quits, make sure you can control their data.
Private Communication
Private one-to-one, and private group communication. Add people to tasks.
Avoid Multiple Tools
GetBusy allows you to use one tool instead of many for improved security.
Securely Transfer Large Files.
Send Large Files
Send very large files online without worrying whether they will be received.
Never Bounce Again
A ‘magic download link’ will be sent, which won't fill up their inbox!
Send To The Right Person
Password protect your file to make sure the right person opens it.
Track Actions
See if you file has been opened, so you know whether it was received.
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