Ask for sensitive files from clients_

Ask clients for specific, sensitive files and have complete confidence they will be uploaded back (with gentle reminders until the client complies) with total security.

Ask for specific files clearly, and with complete security_

Are you an auditor, consultant, or lawyer who needs to send or request highly sensitive files online every day? If you're using email, you are likely going about this extremely inefficiently and putting your business at risk.
Business safety
Don’t take chances with sensitive documents and files. GetBusy provides encryption for secure file sharing.
Protect client data
Sending sensitive files via email puts client data and information at risk. GetBusy offers encrypted communication.
Automatically chased
Your file request will be automatically chased for you, so you can get on with other things.
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4.9 / 5 STARS
One of the stars from GetBusy's Capterra reviewOne of the stars from GetBusy's Capterra reviewOne of the stars from GetBusy's Capterra reviewOne of the stars from GetBusy's Capterra reviewOne of the stars from GetBusy's Capterra review

Send highly sensitive files online_

It's easy to upload sensitive files with GetBusy. Integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox ensure the correct files are sent and, unlike email, access can be revoked from the recipient at any time.

Popular features of our secure file sharing software_

Send and receive files up to 25mb

A convenient, secure way to share files, presentations and images.

Integrates with Outlook

Quickly add email attachments and messages to GetBusy directly from Outlook.

GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified

GetBusy meets the highest security standards, with data encryption as standard.

Set clear accountability for specific files_

Link a file to a task and send to anyone – internal or external. Because the task has a clear owner (the client) and a clear goal (the file), there is less confusion, and GetBusy automatically follows up the request for you.

Control access to sensitive files_

If someone leaves a task or project, they can be removed from a thread just as easily as they were added. Don't worry, you'll still be able to see their comments and actions.

Trusted by over 8,000 teams_


"Helps me communicate better with my clients."
Amanda – Owner
Estrella Bookkeeping


"It’s used very heavily. I personally have around 50 tasks I’m involved in."
Tonya – Lead Partner
Clarke Bell

Easier collaboration_

Use GetBusy to upload files and send them to the right people on your team in moments. Next time you need to share presentations, images or projects, don't be limited by your email provider's restrictions. 

Organised files_

GetBusy integrates directly with Outlook so that emails can easily be turned into threads with file attachments automatically imported. Don’t lose conversations, actions or files in long email chains. Quickly create a thread from an email so that you never have to search for a file. 

Increased security_

Making mistakes when you’re sharing important files and sensitive documents can cause major problems for you and your business. GetBusy provides a GDPR-compliant, ISO 27001-certified way to share your files securely and ensure they never end up in the wrong hands.

Send and access documents securely from any device_

With desktop applications for PC and Mac, browser login and mobile applications for both IOS and Android, sending and receiving documents securely has never been easier...or safer.

Start sending and signing in seconds_

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