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UK, Cambridge

AWS DevOps Engineer

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What we are looking for

An AWS DevOps Engineer who can help us continue to provide great products that customers love!

Where we are

Sawston, Cambridge, UK

The opportunity

We build great products that solve real problems. We're looking after, and growing, our collection of over 1 million wonderful users whilstinvesting in, and innovating for, the future. We're looking for an AWS DevOps Engineer to help us keep steering everything in the right direction!

The team

The DevOps team is dynamic and fast paced, keeping up to date with the latest technologies, and using agile and self-organising principles tohelp deliver quality products and services. The team wholeheartedly embraces the DevOps culture, continuously striving to add value to productsand customers through automation, collaboration, and a proactive monitoring and feedback loop with product teams.

And that's only just the start!

It's a great team that works closely with development (they are our best friends) to produce great technical solutions in a great way. We offer youthe opportunity to:

The role

We are looking for a motivated DevOps Engineer to join our agile cross-functional product team, comprising Product Management, UX Design,QA and Development.

You will be responsible for designing and implementing technical solutions for new and existing products, almost exclusively on the AWS platform.

You will have strong analytical and troubleshooting skills, solid communication skills, a desire to tackle the complex problems and a genuinepassion for technology. While you may come from an infrastructure background, you should be comfortable with writing scripts and basicsoftware code to enhance and streamline your daily activities.

We are currently using the following technologies (but this is evolving all the time):

Skills & experience that you'll struggle without

You don't need to have every single one of these skills, but the more you have, the more likely it is you'll be able to do a great job.

Skills & experience that would be a bonus

We'll get pretty excited if you also have some of these:

What you need to be

We're looking for a certain type of person. We want people:

We really value diversity at GetBusy, and we're committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone is able to be themselves and to reachtheir full potential. We actively encourage applications from people of all backgrounds and cultures and believe that a diverse team helps build thebest products, deliver the best services and tackle the diverse and exciting challenges we face.


As well as getting to be part of an wonderful team doing amazing things, you'll get to be part of the family and enjoy all the benefits that brings(read more about our benefits and culture below)

How we roll

Pre-employment checks

We take the security of our business and our duty of care to our customers and their data very seriously, so we need to check that you don’t haveany adverse history that could pose a legitimate security risk to our business or our customers. To do this we perform background checks on youif you are offered the job. We will not discriminate unfairly against you based on any information revealed as part of those checks.

How we use your personal data

We take data protection very seriously at GetBusy, so do things proper. To find out how we will use your personal data during this applicationprocess please visit: GetBusy Applicant Privacy Policy

Our values:

We have a uniquely dynamic and autonomous culture at GetBusy that makes for a very high employee retention rate. We love what we do, and want to change the world.

Far beyond lip-service we actually use our values every day. If you want to get a feel for who we are, here is what makes our A-class team tick:

Read more about our values here


Express yourself:
Dress how you wish when you're in the office.

Be yourself:
Be yourself. We are like family, and like family, we accept you for who you are.

Flexible hours & remote working:
Somethings cropped up! You need to be at home to let the plumber in or the kids need picking up from school - no problem. Want your week to be 8-4U30 instead of 9-5U30 then we will do our very best to accommodate. We're relaxed, as long as it works itself out and it doesn't stitch up our customers or our team. We're working hard to create an environment where you can work effectively from anywhere

Duvet day
You wake up. It's cold. Stay in bed. One unplanned duvet day a year! Catch up on that box set everyone's talking about.

It's your birthday
Take the day off and enjoy.

Generous holidays
25 days holiday + 8 days bank holiday + 1 duvet day + 1 birthday day = 35 days a year.

You can manage your funds online and be as sensible or risky as you like. We'll do our best to help you get prepared for when you're old and wrinkly.

Get the heart pumping
Join a table tennis tournament, head to the park for Sprint Club for a Tuesday lunchtime bootcamp experience, top it up with Core Club if you're truly hardcore, join in with basketball or play football on a Thursday night.

We'll keep you going
Got a deadline and pushing hard? We'll pick up the tab if you work through lunch ,and dinner is on us if you work late into the evening

Tax free kiddiecare
Use our childcare voucher scheme to save up to £933 a year!

Away days
Depending on your team, you're guaranteed to get away to do something uber fun together at least once a year.

Decent kit
No rickety old tin here - we'll make sure you you have great gear and tools to make your days soooo much easier. We'll also arm you with a nerf gun and enough ammunition to barely defend yourself on your first day.

Get in the game
Jump on the playstation or xbox whenever you like - not a gaming geek - maybe the dart board is more your thing.

Save yourself
Why pay full whack if you don't have to? Make tonnes of savings on a bunch of things from top retailers via

Good times
An awesome family summer party and a stellar Christmas knees-up mean wealways have plenty of stuff to laugh at each other about.


Whilst we work to create an all round awesome office experience in every country, here's a minimum you can expect...

Unlimited tea & coffee !
Decent coffee and proper tea - if your an instant coffee drinker... well... don't worry... we'll educate you.

Just Chill
Ping pong table, consoles, darts and some very competitive leagues in them all.

Vino & Beer
There will always be a suitable tipple in the fridge for you to reward yourself for a hard days graft.

Toasty Tuesdays
Get dirty with double cheese and throw in some beans from the help yourself toasty bar every Tuesday lunch time.

I've got what it takes
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