Celebrating the movers and shakers

On a survey to 1,100 businesses, a whopping 80% wanted to get busier!
Here are a few of the answers from those game-changers.
"I'm a work-a-frolic so love working in my business."
"Happier when I am busy"
"More turnover - more profit (hopefully)."
"Working on projects & prep. for future projects & clients."
"Idleness is the devils lair."
"Busy people make things happen."
"I'm a work-a-frolic so love working in my business."
"The busier I get, the more employment opps I create."
"Need to be busy & working most of the time."
"More gets done when you are busy."
"Busy means productivity."
"Busy generally means growth."
"Busy lifestyle leads to better cognition - scientifically proven!"

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