Work Management FOR NETSUITE

Like File Cabinet
but supercharged

Documents, real-time communication, tasks and signatures - created, managed and accessed within NetSuite.

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As NetSuite customers ourselves, we understand NetSuite. We created GetBusy, so we know that pretty well too! Our dedicated NetSuite team are ready to help solve the toughest of challenges.

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One place to organise, communicate and store work.

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"GetBusy has been the perfect solution for us. It has slotted in perfectly alongside NetSuite and given us everything we need to look after our customers."

Richard - Director
Fenetti Outdoor Living

"GetBusy makes creating, assigning and following up on tasks easy. Why isn't this functionality already part of primary office apps – such as G Suite?"

Mazyar – Lawyer
M. Hedayat and Associates

"GetBusy allows me to organise my workflow more efficiently and makes sure things are done and not forgotten."

Nicolas – Trust Administrator
Avenue Trust

"Helps me communicate better with my clients."

Amanda – Owner
Estrella Bookkeeping

"It’s used very heavily. I personally have around 50 tasks I’m involved in."

Tonya – Lead Partner
Clarke Bell

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One place to organise, communicate and store work.


Upload and send documents for electronic signature. Communicate around and store document. Access and sign documents that require your signature. Check a document’s status, send reminders. View audit trails. Wet signatures.

Document management

Drag and drop files. Powerful tagging, and indexing for easy recall. Version control. Secure file sharing. Content searching. ISO certified and encrypted by default. Mobile document scanner. Microsoft Office plug in.

Task management

Focus on actions and outcomes. Clear accountability. Automated reminders. Visibility controls. Build recurring task templates. Set automated schedules.


Add unlimited people. Easy and familiar to use. Productive and focused chat related to a task and/or a document. Quick responses and emojis. Easy indexed and prioritisation. Searchable content by key word.

Client Portal

Branded customer portal for a great customer experience. Connected to your Document and Task Management system so workflow is organized and optimized. Legally binding electronic signatures. Secure document sharing with version control.