We're in this together
These are unprecedented times. At GetBusy one of our core values is Better Together. We believe in helping each other, and our community. With a Work From Home product like ours this has taken on a new meaning with recent events. So, we have come up with the following plan:
- Unlimited WFH consults and team training for everyone 🏠
- 3 months free for healthcare πŸ₯
- 3 months free for social workers 🀝
- 3 months free for education πŸŽ“
- 3 months free for non-profit ❀️
- 3 months free for volunteers βœ‹
- 3 months free for businesses who have had it tough πŸ“‰just let us know your story and we are going to stay flexible here.
Book a time below to discuss your situation, show you how GetBusy can help, and work out a plan to keep your team and business on track! πŸ’₯
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πŸ€”Also - we are open to other ideas that anyone might have about how our WFH tool could help others. Please let us know here if you think there is an industry that should support, or something else we can do.
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