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We understand you use multiple apps on a daily basis. We don’t want to change that. GetBusy connects the apps you already love, letting you create tasks and send tasks from just about everything.

Popular integrations_

Your email_
One-click is all you need to transform any email into a clear GetBusy task. End unwieldy email chains. Send or request files more securely than email.
Your browser_
Send a GetBusy task to any email you see in your chrome browser in just one click. Works across all the apps you use online. For example the Xero contacts directory, or SalesForce CRM.
Your team chat_
Does your team chat feel like a giant Twitter feed at times? Take important tasks outside the noise by turning any message into a GetBusy task. Now it can't be missed. Right, back to those memes.
Your files_
Send your files securely via GetBusy with seamless integrations to popular storage apps.

GetBusy integrates with 1,000's of popular apps_

GetBusy integrates with tools you already use to make managing tasks even easier.
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We’ve pre-built some popular Zaps for you.

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