Grow Your Business With Better Team & Client Communication.

From sending smarter emails to your clients, to delegating jobs within your team, scheduling meetings quickly or prioritising daily tasks: GetBusy uniquely focuses your work around your communication.

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Win Client Loyalty
Engage. Delight. Retain. Send smart emails, book meetings, auto-follow up clients.
Boost Work Productivity
Collaborate real-time on to-do lists, delegate jobs, organise files and messages.
Unite Your Team
Prioritise tasks, know who is in charge of what, search for files in one place.
Next Generation Email
No more long email threads! An easier and more secure way to communicate.
Easy Cloud Storage
Store and send your documents online. Digital signatures coming soon.
Safe File Transfers
Comply with the law (eg GDPR) and avoid fines. Protect your clients and your own business.
Over 58,000 Customers
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Business Operator

Win new business, retain loyal clients, prioritise your most important tasks.

Client Delighter

Keep your customers up to date. Set reminders and auto-follow up.

Uptight Organiser

Turn rambling messages into actionable tasks with clear ownership.

Team Player

Assign tasks to your team, send messages and files. Collaborate on tasks.

Security Nerd

Send sensitive files in an encrypted way to protect your business.

Roaming Worker

Access your files in the cloud 24/7. Get the iPhone and Android App.

Bits Of The Best.
Optimised For Working With Teams & Clients.

Like Slack
but optimised for external chat
Like Trello
but optimised for communication
Like Dropbox
but optimised for tasks and chat
Like Whatsapp
but for work and business
Like Outlook
but designed for the 21st Century
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What You'll Be Saying
I've Stopped Using Email
I don't waste hours on my emails. I'm organised and know what my clients want. I win plenty of repeat business!
I Turn Lists Into Actions
I love lists, but used to jot them down old-school on bits of paper! Now my lists are shared real-time & can be delegated to others!
I Send Sensitive Files
We now comply with privacy laws like GDPR. I send sensitive files to my clients knowing their data is safe and I am protected.
I've Got A New Assistant
Pretty much! A.I. driven task prioritisation, automatic follow-up reminders, instant quoting and a quick meeting scheduler!
A New Way To Work With People.
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