Make tasks unmissable

Some things are too important to miss. Send anyone a task with the confidence it will be seen, and completed.
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create unmissable tasks from any app
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No one likes chasing people, Now you don't have to
Transfer highly sensitive data with bank-level security
Turn work or chit-chat in other apps into unmissable tasks
Do repetitive work faster with pre-populated task templates
Send unmissable tasks to anyone: clients, partners, vendors - your own team
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Join 65,000+ GETBUSY users
from small to enterprise

1. Send an unmissable task to anyone, from anywhere

Your own
to-do list
Delegate an unmissable task to someone from your own private GetBusy to-do list.
From your existing apps
Create an unmissable task from 1,000's of apps. A Slack chat, an email, your CRM...
Saved task templates
Save tasks for recurring work. Share  templates across your whole team for speed, accuracy and compliance.
Your team directory
Send tasks to anyone in your shared team directory - it's as easy as sending an email. No admin approval or IT support.

2. Track its unstoppable progress until completion

Know who is doing it
Unmissable tasks have one owner and one goal. Everyone involved is clear on what needs to happen.
Have it chased for you
No more nagging or following up. An unmissable task's owner is automatically and politely chased by GetBusy.
Know when  it will be done
Task reminders can be paused by setting a due date. That way if a task can't happen right away - you at least know when it will be addressed. No more uncertainty.
Clear updates until it's done
See read-receipts, changes in task ownership, follow-up notifications, due date adjustments... until your unmissable task is complete!
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Join 65,000+ GETBUSY users
from small to enterprise

3. With everything else you need to do your best work

Send tasks to anyone
All you need is their email address. Non-GetBusy users don't need to download anything to see your message and attachments.
Add your own brand
You'll be sending unmissable tasks to folks outside of your team, so showcase your brand loud and proud.
Securely send sensitive data
Email is almost unacceptably insecure. Use GetBusy to transfer sensitive data and large files online with confidence.
Organize with projects
Capture all your tasks in private or shared projects with your whole team. Tag your tasks to sort them how you'd like.

Significantly improve your online security

Built by the same team that secures the data of 27% of the UK’s top 100 accountancy firms. Don't risk putting yourself, your team, clients or your business at risk when using email to send sensitive documents or have private conversations.

There are only a million reasons you might want to use GetBusy

Finalising month end
Use repeating templates to save time and increase accuracy and security.
Payroll information
Discuss an employee's pay securely with bank-level security, and read-receipts.
Organising the event
From organising the bride and groom, to sending unmissable tasks for wedding logistics.
Company audit
Request information from a company under audit via clear, secure unmissable tasks.
project delivery
Executing for a client
Repeating templates, and clear tasks help project managers quickly delegate work and chase it up.
Tax returns
Set a repeating template to ask clients annually for their tax information, and then transfer their confidential files securely.
debt collection
Chasing up debt
Send an unmissable task that will do the reminding for you. Avoid those painful calls.
Know your client
Send clear, small tasks to organise the information needed. And secure all data.
Slack conversations
Messages get lost in the noise of Slack or Microsoft Teams. Make them unmissable tasks.
real estate
Selling a property
Organize the vendor and purchaser with unmissable task, and secure all files.
personal assistant
Emails into tasks
Organise emails in Outlook or Gmail into unmissable tasks delegated to the right person.
Project management
Organise every project via recurring templates, and send big files with high security.
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